Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Spanish Omelet

Use evidence and inference to answer the following sentences
    Page 2
Why didn’t Kel see his dad very often?
Because he had to go to work a lot .

Where might Kel’s dad have worked?
He worked at the airport
How did Kel feel about Mrs Navarro?
Because he could help teach Mrs Navarro with her English.                     Page 4

What does dad suggest that Kal could help Mrs Navarro with?
Kal can teach Mrs Navarro to speak English

Why did Ms Navarro like watching TV? Mrs Navarro liked
watching how to speak English Properly.

What ingredients do you need to make an omelet?
Large eggs,chopped onion,salt and pepper,big spoonfuls of olive
oil,large potatoes peeled and thinly sliced.

What part of the egg is the yoke?
The yellow part of the egg.

List the steps for making an Omelet
1.heat the olive oil in a  large round frying pan until the oil is very hot.

2.add the potatoes and onions and stir them until they start to brown.

3.turn the heat to low and let them cook for five minutes.

4.beat the eggs together in a bowl with a whisk or egg-beater

5.add salt and pepper

6.pour the eggs into the frying pan. Shake the frying pan until the mixture
of eggs potatoes and onions is evenly mixed.

7.cook until the eggs are set. Turn the tortilla out onto a large flat plate and then
put it back in the frying pan and brown the other side.

8. Cut it into wedges. Eat hot or cold.

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