Wednesday, 4 December 2019


WALT: Write an informal letter to a friend of a family member

Dear Matelita,

Thank you for being the funniest friend and hope you 
have a Wonderful early Christmas with your family. 
I really liked How me and you and 
your brother play touch at your house you make
Me laugh a lot and I have so much fun hope you 
Have a happy early Christmas.

From: Raewyn

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Writing l Letter

Walt: Write An Informal Letter Too Your Friend Or Family

Dear Maria, 

Thank you Maria for being such a good sister and 
hope you haveA very nice early christmas and 
what I would like for Christmas is A great holiday
 with my family and a sister I could play with and
 I hope you have a good holiday. 

Love, From: Raewyn 💕

Monday, 2 December 2019

DMic Week 8 Term 4 2019

Letter l Writing

Walt: Write an informal letter to a friend or family

 Dear Israel,
  Hope you have had an amazing year in Room 11 and thank you 
  for being a very Helpful and happy 
  Student in room 11 and i really hope you are happy to be 
   in Room 11 and Also Thank you for sharing kindness to the
   students in room 11  and it’s very fun to have you here 
   in Room 11. 

  By: Raewyn

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Making Cheese Toasties

Making Cheese Toasties
Today we are making Cheese toasties and i’m going to explain to make one.
                                         Ingredients l We Need
1.Butter        1.Toaster
2.Bread        2.Knife
3.Cheese     3. Plate

The Cheese Toastie Was Really Delicious and very good and very cheesy

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The Show Went On

Making Butter

Making Butter
  We Need 🠟
Whipped Cream
Glass Jar

1.Put cream into the jar
2.Shake the jar until the cream turns Lumpy and yellowish  
Butter our pikelets and put jam or cream or both on too the pikelets
What It Taste Like
When I tasted the pikelets i really liked the 
whipped cream And the 
jam and I really thought it was