Saturday, 29 June 2019

One day me and my friends woke up at 6AM and wanted to go outside after they
 wanted to go have fun on something until they saw a poor man that was solling 
air balloons. and wanted to give air balloons to people but nobody wanted the air 
balloons. but until me and  my friends really wanted to have fun with the air 
balloons so they brought the air balloons and went to a high place to have fun. 
so they hopped on the air balloons and left off in the sky all of them went in the 
same direction we laughed we looked down it was so scary. But until we saw the
 poor man that gave us the air balloons we thought he was poor but when we 
remembered we gave him money so thats how we remembered that he maybe 
brought one air balloon with the money we gave him. And everyday he saw him 
on the air balloons he was so nice he became our friend and he was so happy all t
he time thats what maked all of us happy  everyday they always woke up to meet
 together and go on the air balloons and go to there favourite place they want to go.
 An they lived a happy life with the pretty good air balloons. 

MANAIA i like all of the detail that you have put in to your story’s and i like a llot of your story’s                                          

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