Friday, 25 May 2018

My tree with my squirrel

One frozen cold night there was a squirrel named rose she had none friends she lived ins tree with nuts last night she went out to collect some nuts she was so sad that thier was no nuts so so she went back to the thee finally when she was home she was tiered the next day rose woke up and she began to go out side and rose was happy because it was summer and saw all the nuts and flowers and after that she got all the nuts then she had fun because thier was flowers the next day she never saw flowers the next day she saw someone walking her name was soffy she had no friends she only had a family then she had not have friends so she went out and looked for some friends so she looked everywhere and she finally found one and soffy was so pleased that she wanted to be her friend so rose was her friend then they played together then they lived happily ever after.

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